Strategy for Increasing E-Commerce Conversetion Rate with Remarketing Targeting

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Strategy for Increasing E-Commerce Conversetion Rate with Remarketing Targeting

One of the most curious topics in E-Commerce is Remarketing. Here, we have prepared an enjoyable content for you by conducting an experience-oriented research.

Forgot a product in your cart?

Based on its literal meaning, remarteking means remarketing as it is known completely. Traditional in e-commerce “Did you forget a product in your cart? “His return is one of the best-known examples of remarketing.

The trick is to start the business by segmenting the customer who is a member of your systems and the customer who places an order. Due to the new remarketing strategy, it should not be done as a whole. Simply go, customers who really have their products in the basket should be reached.

You should focus on the customer algorithm

Another scenario with the most turnarounds is algorithms that predict products that the customer is interested in and may like. Selecting the product as a favorite, in this process, which is blended with gender and age data, pushes and newsletters that will be activated when shopping frequency decreases will increase the sales.

If a wanted product cannot be found on the website, or if the product is out of stock for your customers, or if the product that is not available comes to the site, taking reminder actions again will bring remarketing goals.

Do not forget about the segmentation. Ask lots of questions.

Basic strategies related to the segments are determined, 3RD software may be required in these systems that will work on cookie-based systems. For example, when gamified marketing techniques come into play to attract your site, the process to sales can be accelerated.

Many customers give up ordering for many reasons, such as loss of confidence, insufficient product description, system slowness and impressions on the basket. One of the false remarketing practiced by many brands is the constant price-based repeat communication effort. However, many customers did not complete their order due to product display / insecurity, not the price. In the meantime, you have forgotten the products in your cart can be irritating instead of attracting attention. In order to solve these, we have to ask a lot of questions. Customers who leave without completing their basket may be asked questions about "Why did not they complete". Or, in a scenario that takes products out of the basket, informational actions can be entered directly from the right side of the screen, such as "Is there a problem?" Such actions will put you in the right spot when re-marketing. We would like to convey the same word again. Collective and monotonous communications are not beneficial, but harmful.

Can communicate to different channels

In many remarketing methods, we pay attention to all access. In other words, the language used, including APP, mobile and web platforms, should be available for all access. Sometimes it is recommended to re-remarketing and downloading APP to customers who are just passing through the web. As you will see here, remarketing is not only focused on turnover but also used to make a service available.

You can use the same segmentation to choose a blog you set up, a video content site recommendation. With this remarketing, your audience discovers your other channels, many of your audiences who cannot order due to loss of trust will meet you again and turn into orders.

Similarly, remarketing can be made to the ordering audience and it is one of the healthiest choices. For example, would you like the same product again after a certain period of time to our audience who bought a product with a continuation? Or a higher version of this product has been released, would you like to see it? Remarketing strategies are quite favorite and useful. Conversions are high.

There will be dozens of traces your visitors or members will leave on you. They continue by leaving many features from the search engine, product listing, product listing to cart, and the order is either completed or incomplete.

It can also be used effectively on social media to bring you back in. If there is a high rate of traffic on your web page and there is no subscription and basket orientation, an announcement can be made on social media by immediately making a basket campaign. Remarketing will show your ability again on a different subject.

If we look at the essence of the matter, it is necessary to avoid certain patterns when contacting again. The more different private messages we generate, the higher the level of remarketing it reaches. PUSH communications, which are made especially point-to-point in scientific research, are among the most effective remarketing strategies.

Not without Retargeting

Remarketing also enables more interaction and recycling when edited with Retargeting. When many tools are examined, they activate by producing very good scenarios in retargeting strategies.

Especially recently, we see very frequent message communications in applications. Applications that are not used or logged in for a long time express that they miss us for a certain period of time and send their announcement. Sometimes the strategy gets a little quicker and may offer you a gift card. When we look at the basics, Retargeting follows a path like this; Our target is customers who have never opened the app in the last 2 weeks. Remarketing comes into play and promises a campaign / discount to this audience. Communication starts. The conversion rate shows the quality and accuracy of the work. If there is a satisfactory transformation, goals have been achieved.

For such systems to work, a very good infrastructure, a good marketing awareness, a good customer recognition / segmentation are required. Although the application is not very common, the preferred marketing language should also be filtered from the Retargeting logic. Remarketing without retargeting may not be incomplete or efficient. The process should be followed very well, data should be analyzed one by one and re-planned. This cycle goes on and on.