Effective Ways to Use Instagram to Increase E-Commerce Sales

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Effective Ways to Use Instagram to Increase E-Commerce Sales

One of the most effective communications of social media, which is one of the biggest traffic sources of e-commerce, is undoubtedly Instagram. When the user segmentation and age range are taken into consideration, the Instagram can make very good returns in a joint marketing. As such, there is a lot of interest in e-commerce on social media. The degree of this is very important. So how should we be effective?

What should be done before advertising on Instagram?

Instagram, which is handled in social media managements, especially in many corporate brands, has a very young and researcher audience. This has both advantages and disadvantages. For example, when you advertise, people who follow you will immediately see if you have a web page. One of the first lessons to come from here is that your web page needs to be beautiful, settled and lively. In many countries, job interviews are not held without a web page. Let's note this too

Your Instagram and E-Commerce Page should have the same values

Common language is very important. Before entering the quality of the post, we felt the desire to explain in detail to show how much workforce is required at the very beginning of the road… With Instagram, your web page should have similar design elements.

  • Discount rates
  • Discount Seals (Popups)
  • Common Slogans

Communication language that we have captured in 360 degrees, we increase both the quality of the shares and the communication power of our brand. Another communication model that is very necessary for e-commerce is lifestyle designs that should be used in posts. Quite a lot of transformations are obtained in all posts with many elements of reality. In other words, there are quite high interactions between a post written with text only and a post that tells a story with a visual.

What Could Be More Different?

In the methods we call gamification, it is one of the effective methods of using Instagram on e-commerce. Communicating with your followers with gamified posts allows for permanent effects on both the highlighted products and your social media and high traffic to your page.

We can say that the social media traffic to your site is of higher quality than many organic results. Especially the consumers coming from the posts are definitely separated with sales in e-commerce. As a result, the game language and institutional approaches used in the posts gain importance once again.

It is very important for brands to be useful. In these processes where we are used to personal communication, useful information sharing, the usefulness of the products or the useful information provided by your brand also keep the interaction high. The posts with visuals and benefits on the subject are among the post types with high conversions.

If you think of a constantly spinning circle, many posts supporting your e-commerce will mean plenty of traffic and plenty of interaction.

Can Instagram as a Sales Channel?

Since this question is one of the issues we hear quite often, we wanted to add it to this article. We are aware that digital has a huge impact on our lives and one of the main communications of this is our social media. Since social media offers the ability to access all points we cannot reach, you can foresee that there is nothing that cannot be achieved when you pick up the phone. This increases the psychological buying tendency.

Subsequently, you can easily sell on social media with the right marketing. The best message here is to attract customers to your e-commerce from social media. Your customers coming directly from here will turn into sales. This is even more possible with correctly segmented items in Instagram ads. This reminds us that the ads should not be done randomly.

The advertisements we come out randomly and the traffic coming from here are only exposed as long as we say dry noise :) In order not to cause this, it is necessary to work within the advertisements as we work on the posts.

Do We Need to Post Regularly?

Yes, sometimes 2 posts per day may be required. As long as you provide such useful content in the correct communication mentioned above, you can increase the number of people. If it is a post about the product, we should definitely use CTA and remind that it should go to the products or to that page.

Also, do not neglect to act jointly on special days or days such as mourning. E-commerce customers awareness is very high. If you miss a special day, it can be very important for a social media user. So plan on your neutral direction and not skipping sensitive spots.