Effective Advertising Image 5 Details

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Effective Advertising Image 5 Details

Mark Twain has a beautiful quote:

"Many small things are made big with the right advertisement."

Every day we see dozens of advertisements, some of which are engraved in our minds, and some of them we forget and disappear within seconds. So where are the details that make the little things attractive? What should be included in a correct advertisement? Is advertising image preparation an important factor?

Unless you broadcast your ads on an audio broadcast such as a radio or podcast, the first thing that attracts people's attention in an advertisement is the quality of the image, the message and the details that attract the attention of the target audience. Therefore, preparing an advertising image is one of the most important factors that turn your advertisement into an effective marketing in many types of publications. So, at what points are advertising images separated during the preparation phase?

Preparing the Right Ad Image - 5 Important Details

1. Correct Competitor Analysis: If you are not a single company in the product or service you advertise, you should use your advertisement effectively and stand out from the advertisements of your competitors and talk about yourself. The most effective way to do this is through a correctly done competitor analysis and extracted details.

You can find the details you need to do and take notes during your analysis by accessing the article I wrote about competitor analysis from above. In the visuals, we can list the points you need to pay particular attention to in order to differentiate your competitors as follows:

  • Are you different from the color tones used in competitor ads?
  • Which brand comes to mind first when you see your ad image as a customer for the first time?
  • Where are you different from your competitors' advertising work?
  • Are you expressing your product or service in a way not previously described?

By answering all these questions, you should review your advertising images over and over again by comparing them with competitors' studies.

2. Visual Quality: Regardless of the medium you are preparing for the advertisement image you have prepared, the high quality of your image will always be beneficial for you to show quality ads to your target audience. If you want to consider retina screen users like Mac users, especially in digital advertisements, it is useful to upload your images at least 2 times larger than the published size.

3. Visual Texts: Many advertisers take care to present the campaigns and opportunities related to the service or product offered in the advertising images in text form. As you can imagine, this is one of the most striking points in the image.

It will be useful to pay attention to the following points while presenting your campaign and opportunity, which is the main purpose of your advertising, in visuals, for more interaction and a correct marketing strategy:

  • Is your text one step ahead of the details you want to present in the visual?
  • Does the user who looks at your ad image see the campaign first?
  • Is the text size less than 20 percent of the image size for accurate Facebook advertising?
  • Does the text color stand out among the visual details?
  • Is there a topic in the text that will interest your target audience?
  • Are the words to be emphasized different from other texts?

4. Topic Selection: The most effective way to use the budget you have allocated for your advertisement efficiently, especially for social media, is to prepare an advertisement image that can get interaction.

3 Rules of Interactive Content

You can access the content I have written on this subject before and see the details that you can use both in your advertising images and in social media management. In addition, you can get more efficiency from your ad by considering the following points in the advertising image preparation process:

  • Is your topic of interest to your target audience?
  • Did you prepare an advertisement image on a current topic?
  • Do you have a humor element in your ad image?

5. Decision Making Process: One of the most important reasons for you to advertise is to speed up people's decision making process. If you have targeted the correct ad, your ad will be shown to people who really need that product or service. Speeding up the decision-making process of the customer who is already in the thinking process in your visuals is one of the rare elements that make your advertisement effective.

If you are currently working on a product or service offered by other brands during the preparation of the advertising image, paying attention to the following points will be effective in your customers' decision-making process:

  • Are there details such as discounts and extra features that will push users to decide on your image?
  • In the visual you have presented to your customers, are the product details at a level to satisfy the customer?
  • Can the user decide to buy the product just by looking at your ad?

After making sure you have done all these steps correctly, I see no reason why your ad work was not successful. However, in order to get full performance from your ad, it will be useful to browse the articles I recommend below according to your ad content and the platform you will advertise: